Turnin’ Out Nicely

The pots have been turned! Now to wait for them to dry before the bisque firing.


Devastation in the Kiln

Opening the kiln after a glaze firing has become as exciting for me as Christmas.  However it has the potential to be far more disappointing!

As in the case of last night’s firing of my set of two cream serving bowls – beautiful when upright but sadly one had fused to the kiln shelf and the other had developed a hairline crack in the base and the glaze around the foot ring was also a bit unsightly.

A lot of care and attention goes into the making of these bowls so it is all the more disappointing when they don’t survive the glaze firing… Never mind, I’m going to make two new bowls first thing tomorrow and hopefully get them up online before Christmas.  I’m keen to get bowls in as I have several vases in my Folksy shop at the moment.  Fingers crossed….


Hello there!  Welcome to my online pottery shop.  My name’s Katherine and I’ve been throwing pots on the wheel for a couple of years now, starting in the summer of 2014.   I work with stoneware in a garage near Hull in East Yorkshire.  Very much learning as I go, nonetheless providing high quality functional ware, hopefully I’ll have this all up and running by Christmas.