Packing Pottery, Fort Knox Style

I’ve learned the hard way that choosing a courier and packaging goods can be a heavy undertaking, if you want to ensure that the goods don’t end up in pieces.  Shipping goods, putting them in the hands of a delivery service, is even more dangerous for them than the kiln.

Here is my latest order, ready to ship.  Not via Parcelforce…

parcel ready to ship

Apologies for the blurred nature – in any case, note the “liquefied petroleum gas” stickers I’ve taken from another parcel, just in case “FRAGILE” doesn’t quite grab the courier’s attention.


With ceramics, it’s better that they’re packed well rather than packed to look pretty.  So these mugs here are each wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap, of different thickness – small bubbles first, large bubbles second, before being wrapped in individual carrier bags, with cardboard dividers and twisted coils of newspaper separating and cushioning them.

In case that’s not enough, the box they’re in is put inside another box before being sealed up with parcel tape and duct tape and an elastic band.

Here are some good resources for potters wondering how to pack their items:


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