For some reason – probably because I’d been spending so much time at a computer in one of my admin jobs, and as a DIY digital recording musician – I had an urge to do something a bit less sedentary.  So in 2013 I signed up to the waiting list for a nearby pottery course. I’d never forgotten the sense of being “beaten” by pottery when I’d attempted it as a child (disappointing battery powered toy wheels at Christmas/ being shouted at by a grouchy old potter when having a go at his studio in south Wales).  Eventually, in the summer of 2014, I was invited to join the class.  I was so excited, I spent every minute I could get away with browsing ceramics online, in the office of my boring 9-5 job.  However the classes were a bit disappointing, in that I didn’t get much time on the wheel.  To solve that problem, I bought a kickwheel advertised on Gumtree and then, not long after,  an ancient third hand kiln with a sitter.  I decided to go-it-alone, with the aid of YouTube “How To” videos.  Since I don’t want to work in any more offices, I’ve now decided to see how just much of this mud I throw will stick…..ahem.